Apply For Assistance

First off, if you are a housekeeper we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking on one of the most essential roles in the travel industry. Without your hard work day in and day out, none of the other things we do would matter. Guests expect a clean and comfortable place to stay, and you are the front line in making that a reality. Once again, thank you and please read on. 

We don't need to tell you that Covid-19 (Coronavirus) has significantly disrupted the travel industry. More likely than not you are feeling its impact in several ways, least of which, financially. To ease the burden, we are standing up a fund comprised of donations to help in some tangible way. 

We would like to provide some relief during this troubling time and help ensure you and the people close to you are able to afford necessities during this pandemic. Please fill out the form below to request financial assistance.

**We have had the privilege of supporting over 40 housekeepers so far! Our available funds have already been allocated and we are waiting for additional donations before we can offer any more financial assistance. Please continue to submit applications for assistance and we will reach out once funds become available.**