Proud Partners

In addition to direct donations, we are proud to be collaborating with the organizations listed below to make our goals a reality.

MAPLE Microdevelopments - With headquarters in Eugene, Oregon, MAPLE Microdevelopment's goal is to provide low-income communities around the world the financial tools they need to achieve culturally-significant goals and values. Over the past decade, MAPLE’s programs have benefitted hundreds of people across three branches in Eastern Uganda, Southern Chile, and Oregon, USA. They do that by co-designing community-managed financial services, such as community-managed savings groups, internal lending and credit building, and establishing culturally respectful micro-businesses. Micro-businesses evolve into life-changing projects related to topics such as organic agriculture, clean-water technology, and ancestral weaving practices. - Cleaning certifications instill trust in your guests and keep your staff safe with online self-paced training in current protocols for housekeepers. $1 from every course sold will be donated to the Housekeeper Relief Fund.  Learn more at

Beach House Logos - Support the Housekeeper Relief Fund and look great doing it! Beach House Logos has graciously designed a series of shirts that represent the resilience of the vacation rental industry. At a minimum, $8 of every sale is donated to the Housekeeper Relief Fund and then provided to a housekeeper in need. Click Here to order yours today!